Artists Supporting TTSS

AHEAD of the STORM by artist Rob Dreyer


The Artists for Conservation Program provides a non-profit juried association for artists to promote their work in a way that benefits Nature. The mission of the organization is: to support wildlife and habitat conservation, biodiversity, sustainability and environmental education through art that celebrates our natural heritage.

From their website: Founded in 1997 as the "Worldwide Nature Artists Group" by Jeffrey Whiting - a prominent Canadian artist, author, biologist and professional software engineer - the Group's strength lies in its membership and represents a who's-who of nature artists worldwide. To maintain the highest level of talent, membership is limited to 500 artists worldwide. New members are admitted by invitation only, through a juried process, and only as placements become available. The Group dedicates its resources to nurturing its world-class community of nature artists and leveraging this pool of talent to support its mission.

The Trumpeter Swan Society is a registered recipient in this program, and we are pleased that an outstanding artist, Rob Dreyer, has pledged his support with proceeds from the sale of this painting of a trio of Trumpeters in flight. Ron Dreyer was also featured on our TTSS Blog - July, 2011.

Find the current Virtual Exhibit for Artists for Conservation on their website.

We encourage others to join and to support this fine program!

Print Sales

A number of artists support TTSS through offering their prints through our Gift Store. We currently feature prints by:

James A. Meger's Fanfare
Painted by James A. Meger ~ This magnificent print of three Trumpeter Swans in flight over a large wetland was published to benefit the swans by supporting the Society. Call or e-mail for a color brochure. Print size 33" x 18�".
Click here for a larger view
Jim Hautman's Spring Thaw - Trumpeter Swan
Spring Thaw - Trumpeter Swan
Painted by Jim Hautman ~ A warm painting of a solitary Trumpeter at rest during spring migration. Print size 12" x 18".
Click here for a larger view
Karen Latham's Daybreak - Trumpeter Swans
Daybreak - Trumpeter Swan
Painted by Karen Latham ~ A pair of Trumpeter Swans with 5 cygnets resting at the edge of a misty lake. Chosen as the 2002 Yukon Territory Conservation Stamp. Print size 25" x 22".
Click here for a larger view
Visit Karen Latham's website.
TTSS thanks artists for their support!

Please Note: If you would like to request permission to use a Trumpeter Swan image that you have seen on our website or one of our publications, please contact the photographers directly, as TTSS does not have authority to grant permission.