Citizen Science Projects

Photograph by Maxine Sandburg

The Trumpeter Swan Society Citizen Science Projects

We encourage citizen science participation in Trumpeter Swan research and monitoring. We hope that birders, naturalists and anyone regularly visiting project areas will send us their observations by filling in data and returning our Trumpeter Swan Sightings Report Form. By increasing reporting of sightings we hope to gather data that will be helpful to regional conservation efforts.

TTSS Citizen Science Tool

Reporting Marked, Collared, Banded, and Wing-tagged Swans (pdf)


STATES: NE, KS, OK, NM, eastern CO, MO, AR, IL, IN, KY, TN, TX, LA, MS, AL, VA, MD, DE
DATES: Ongoing

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Join our network of volunteer observers to document the changing winter distribution of Trumpeter Swans. Your observations will help provide essential information needed to increase the long-term security of Trumpeter Swans as they pioneer new southerly wintering areas. You will be part of a coordinated network of volunteer observers, working together to document swan numbers, dates, locations and the key characteristics of the habitats they are using.

PROJECT 2: Greater Yellowstone
Trumpeter Swan Initiative (GYTSI)

DATES: Ongoing

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We are launching a program to help attain established 5-year goals for the Greater Yellowstone nesting population. If you are regularly observing birds in the Yellowstone / Rocky Mountain region and would like to play a larger role in data collection, please join us!