Greater Yellowstone Trumpeter Watch

DATES: Ongoing

If you are regularly observing birds in the Yellowstone / Rocky Mountain region and would like to play a larger role in data collection, please email Ruth Shea, TTSS Director-at-Large today!

We are launching a program to help attain established 5-year goals for the Greater Yellowstone nesting population. The goals, adopted by federal and state wildlife agencies, call for increasing this vulnerable population to at least 540 adults, including 117 nesting pairs, by 2013. In summer 2008 there were only 379 adults and 44 nesting pairs. The task is large but the need is immediate. We need volunteers in the field right away.

One of our efforts for the GYTSI will be to augment the very limited agency aerial survey efforts with increased ground observations. Volunteers, working independently but in coordination with Ruth Shea, TTSS Director-at Large will assist regional wildlife agencies by helping to identify important pre-breeding habitats (April), identify dispersal to previously unknown summer habitat or nest sites (May-September), identify previously unrecognized mortality or hazards, identify summer molting areas (mid June - early August) and more. Throughout the year, we hope to increase observations and reporting of neck-banded swans.

You can help TTSS and the GYTSI by filling out the Trumpeter Swan Sightings Report Form and either:
    email it to (preferable)
    or print the form and mail it to: Ruth Shea, TTSS) Citizen Science Projects, 3721 Hope Road, Vale, OR 97918

We will periodically post the results on our website or Blog and will pass data to the appropriate managers.

The following kinds of observations would be most helpful:

  1. Any swan seen in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming (including Yellowstone NP), Nevada or Utah between April 15 and October 15. During this period most Canadian migrants are far north and Tundra Swans are very rare. Almost all swans during this period are resident Trumpeters.
  2. Any marked swans seen in these states any time of year. Marked swans are currently being released in Montana and Idaho. (Keep a sketch of the neck-band and identifying letters/numbers in case we need to confirm details with you)

Greater Yellowstone Trumpeter Swan Initiative (GYTSI) 2009-2013

Our goal is to rebuild a secure nesting population of Trumpeter Swans in Greater Yellowstone.
Find our more about GYTSI PROJECTS (PDF 1 MB)

TTSS was featured in the July 2011 Alaska Airlines, Horizon Edition magazine, in an article on Trumpeter Swans and Red Rock Lakes NWR, noting the Society's work to reduce the threats of lead to Trumpeters Swans.
View the online edition  |   View the PDF