Trumpeter Swan Society Membership

Photograph by Gerald Plowman

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"I have contributed to or been a member of a number of different charities over the years and none has made me feel as valued as you have done." —M.P.

Your donation ensures Trumpeter Swans will remain vital and healthy as they continue their flight back from their near "swan song" a century ago. Thanks to you, future generations will be able to experience the thrill and majesty of wild Trumpeter Swans in the healthy, diverse wetlands and habitats they need to thrive.

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Gifts to TTSS can be made in someone's honor or memory, or you can share your love of Trumpeter Swans and their habitats through a gift membership. Just let us know and we'll be sure to send a personal acknowledgment of your thoughtful gift.

We offer the following Membership Levels

General / Individual
$35         Individual
$50         Family
$100       Conservator
$250       Patron
$500       Benefactor
$1000     Trumpeter
$___       Other
$25         Student

Corporate / Organization
$100        Ally
$500        Associate
$1,000     Steward
$5,000     Leader
$10,000   Champion