Photograph by Gerald Plowman

Our most recent volume of North American Swans has just been published. This volume presents the 2nd Edition of "The History, Ecology and Management of the Rocky Mountain Population of Trumpeter Swans", co-authored by our Greater Yellowstone Coordinator and Board Member Ruth Shea, Dr. Oz Garton (retired Emeritus Professor of Fish and Wildlife Statistics, University of Idaho), and Dr. Joe Ball (retired Unit Leader, Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit, U of Montana).

This in-depth analysis explores factors that threatened to damage the recovery of Trumpeter Swans in the Yellowstone region in the early 1980s. Written in partnership with many of the RMP swan managers, this detailed monograph was distributed primarily to agencies in 1987. Its historical summary, analysis of long-term data sets, conclusions, and management recommendations laid much of the foundation for subsequent restoration efforts including termination of winter feeding and the massive range expansion efforts. Now, through this 2nd Edition, The Trumpeter Swan Society has made this historic material available in unaltered form to increase understanding of this iconic population and the efforts to restore it securely. We thank the Summerlee Foundation for helping to support the editing and republishing of this important material.

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