Planned Giving

Photograph by Tammy Wolfe

TTSS has access to the services of professional donor advisors who can help us work with you to set up your gifts in ways that maximize your tax benefits and are consistent with your financial planning needs.


If you decide to make a gift to TTSS in your will, you should discuss it with your attorney since there are several types of bequests. We hope you will let us know if you have included TTSS in your will so that we can recognize you as a member of "The Trumpeter Swan Legacy Supporters". If you prefer to remain anonymous, your gift will be kept confidential, but recognition of your gift can encourage others to do the same. Your preference will be honored. We deeply appreciate your support.

Sample bequest language
"I hereby give, devise and bequeath to The Trumpeter Swan Society, a Minnesota non-profit corporation with its principal office at 12615 Rockford Road, Plymouth, MN 55441-1248, the sum of ___________________(or a specific asset / or # of shares, or % of estate) to be used for its unrestricted use and purpose."

Charitable Gift Annuities

A gift annuity arrangement is a legal contract between you and TTSS that pays you or designated beneficiary a fixed amount every year for life. The rate of payment is determined by the age of the person or people named in the agreement. You cannot outlive this source of income, and you receive an immediate income tax deduction equal to the present value of the future gift (the younger you are, the smaller the deduction). Upon your death, the remaining principal passes to TTSS.

You may request a 'summary of benefits' for a gift you are considering without any obligation. It will give you specific information regarding tax deduction and how much your annual income from the annuity will be.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

You may transfer ownership of cash or other assets to a trust and receive income for life. This is especially desirable if you have highly appreciated assets. For instance, if your cost basis is low in stock and you sold the stock outright you would have to pay tax on the capital gains. If, however, you give the stock to TTSS, you can avoid the capital gains and receive income on the full value of the gift at a rate to be determined at the time of the gift. These arrangements can actually increase your income while living. Upon your death, the remainder becomes the property of TTSS. Not only does the sale of assets through a charitable remainder trust avoid capital gains tax on any appreciation, it also reduces estate taxes and eliminates the need to probate assets placed in the trust. There is also an immediate tax deduction.

A similar tool is the Charitable Remainder Unitrust which provides variable income related to the earning of the invested principal. This appeals to donors who want to be able to increase income during inflationary times.

Gifts of Real Estate

You may make a gift of real estate to TTSS and continue to occupy and enjoy the property throughout your lifetime and still enjoy a current income tax deduction for the property's discounted value. The gift must be irrevocable to qualify for the tax benefit. This strategy also reduces estate taxes and avoids probate.

TTSS appreciates your interest in supporting our work and recognizes that you have many choices regarding how you choose to support us. We encourage you to maximize your benefit when making a gift to TTSS.