Site Credits

The Trumpeter Swan Society would like to thank all those who donated their talents, extensive knowledge of Trumpeter Swans, and beautiful photos and artwork to create this site.

Site Design and Development

We profusely thank Michelle Drewien of Zango Creative, Inc. for donating her time and talents to design and develop this web site. Michelle is a talented graphic designer based in Seattle, WA. She grew up among the wetlands and waterfowl of eastern Idaho and has a special love for wild birds.

Site Content

Many thanks to our staff and Board Members for providing the factual material from their regions and projects, researching links, and sharing their knowledge of Trumpeter Swans and passion for their secure restoration.

Special thanks to the following people for their ideas, suggestions and many content contributions: Peg Abbott, Ruth Shea, John Cornely, Martha Jordan, and Madeleine Linck.

Photography and Artwork

We deeply appreciate the many beautiful photographs and artwork donated for use on our website by the following talented artists:

  • Jess Lee
  • Gerald Plowman
  • Ron Andrews
  • Dave Weaver
  • A. Frederickson
  • J. Buchanan
  • Art Wolfe
  • John Turner
  • Bonnie Block
  • Morrie Carter
  • Duke Conrood
  • Tempe Deviche
  • Ron Dexter
  • Dennis Hayden
  • Michael Hobbs
  • Martha Jordan
  • Don Knutson
  • Steve Meladinow
  • Dennis Paulson
  • Cy Rob
  • Mary Gray