Swan Voice

Some of the best ways to spot differences between the five species are calls: an absolute method of species identification.

Technical Note:You can hear swan voices as described below...if you have a sound card working on your computer. These sound files are BIG: each 6-second clip is 65 kb and will take at least 20 seconds to load, depending on the speed of your internet connection — but it will be worth the wait!

Trumpeter Swan

Resonant, sonorous, loud, low-pitched, bugle like call.
Hear a few happy Trumpeters

Tundra Swan

High pitched often quavering oo-oo-oo, accentuated in the middle; or who, who-ho: woo-oo-woo; or who-who.
Hear a Tundra Swan in flight

Mute Swan

Generally silent but not �mute�; hissing sounds are common and occasional snorting noises.

Canada Geese

Ha-lonk, ha-lonk

Snow Geese

high pitched awu-unk, awu-unk and kuk, kuk, kuk

Photograph by A. Frederickson