Volunteer Opportunities

Trumpeter Swan Society: Volunteers Needed!

Do you love swans? Do you enjoy birding? Would you like be part of Trumpeter Watch documenting winter migrations of Trumpeters? We welcome your enthusiasm and willingness to volunteer!


Research / Field Observation Volunteers

Depending on your geographic location or ability to travel we may have volunteer Trumpeter Swan field work projects that need volunteer assistance. Let us know your location, skills and time available and we will try to match you up with a researcher or research-coordinator.

Trumpeter Watch Volunteer

Do you want to be part of an important and ongoing citizen science project? We need your help identifying locations and counting swans at wintering sites all across North America. Your sightings will help us document key migration stops and the expansion of Trumpeter winter ranges. A report form is available on our website.

It's because of people like you, Trumpeter Watch has documented Trumpeters are gradually returning to some of their traditional wintering areas, as far away as Texas, Louisiana and the Chesapeake Bay region.

Help us introduce TTSS to your friends and community.

Check out our board and staff listing to see if any board members or staff lives near you. We would love the opportunity to meet your friends, give a talk to your community, participate in a bird outing, and share our enthusiasm and passion for Trumpeter Swans. Contact Margaret Smith.